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Why is ABU DHABI the most powerful Emirate in the World?

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He isn’t a well-known leader and doesn’t run a vast state but rather a relatively small country.

And officially he isn’t even the country’s top leader.

Despite all this, on June 2nd 2019, the New York Times published a report declaring Mohammed bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, the richest and most powerful emirate of the United Arab Emirates, as the world’s most powerful political leader in the Arab world.

That puts him above the new de facto Saudi Arabian leader, Mohammed bin Salman.

Does the fact that the United Arab Emirates has such well-known cities as Dubai or Abu Dhabi have anything to do with it? After the New York Times report was published, we asked ourselves a few questions: Who is Mohammed bin Zayed? What are the keys to his power? Is he really the most powerful Arab political leader in the world? In this video we’ll try to answer these questions and analyze how far the power of Abu Dhabi, and by extension that of the United Arab Emirates, really goes.

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