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The referee suspended a French Ligue match for Iftar for an Algerian player

suspended a French league match for Iftar

The last round of the French Ligue 1 was a wonderful humanitarian gesture when the referee suspended Nice’s match with Monaco six minutes into its opening, so that Nice player Yousef Attal could drink water for his fasting.

Algeria’s social networking sites have been keen on the fast of the 23-year-old Al-Khadr, who has been on the fast for a long time.

The Algerian defender starred in the right-back position and was one of Nice’s 2-0 winers. His cross-cross was interrupted by Monaco defender Benoit Padiachelli, who turned the ball around in the 36th minute to score the first goal.

Nice finished the season in seventh place in the French league with 56 points.

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