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After the third disappointment of Barcelona Is the end of Valverde

After the third disappointment of Barcelona .. Is the end of Valverde

The loss of Barcelona 1-2 to Valencia in the King’s Cup final was the straw that broke the back of the camel. After a clear European defeat against Liverpool, Barca failed to achieve the local duo, so that the faint sounds that demanded the departure of coach Ernesto Valverde.

The coach was just around the corner after leaving the Champions League semi-final after a shameful 4-0 defeat to Liverpool, but for the support he received from club president  Josep Maria Bartomio, who said the coach represented the future of the club and declared the board’s confidence.

With Barcelona, ​​the title holder and record holder in the 30-year-old King of Spain Cup, a self-sufficient double-header to keep his face in the top spot, he lost to Valencia their fourth league title and finished the season with the worst end.

Spanish reports said Barcelona’s defeat against Valencia could hasten Valverde’s departure from the team, despite the fact that his contract has been stretched after losing support from many of the club’s top players because he is responsible for the poor results both at Liverpool and at Enfield in Rome last season.

The three successive defeats (Roma, Liverpool and Valencia) have eroded the success of successive local titles, which will not only affect the players but will also have a negative effect on the players and will live long in their memory.

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